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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Diamonds and Da Vinci

Ok, so I am getting addicted to this thing. Another post in less than 12 hours. But I will try to keep this one short. There are two main topics that I want to discuss, I will start with Da Vinci.

So two days ago, my brother tells me that Google has this Da Vinci code quest, similar to the original webquest. You can see it for yourself by clicking here. I have found some of it to be of a decent intrigue, it is certainly not as childish as I thought it would be. But what I do find so childish is the vast number of blogs writing solutions to these puzzles. I fail to understand why they do that. I mean there are prizes to be won by the first 10,000 people so why would you reduce your chances by helping others? But fortunately the people at Google are smarter than most people reckon them to be and they change the questions from time to time so its not uniform for everyone. But come on people, do them on your own! They are not that challenging, and most of it just means you have to Google it. But I liked the way Google made it, using all the tools Google has to offer, Google search, Google Video, Google Maps, Google Translate, Google Calculate etc. (If you think this is turning into too much Google praise then wait till I write my "I Love Google" blog) So after starting 15 days late, I am up to speed on the quest and solve each puzzle as soon as it comes out. Haven't seen this much hype for a movie for a long time.

Well I went shopping today and it was no ordinary shopping. Went to Macy's and bought some jewelry. Got an 'emerald and diamonds set in gold' set (pendant, earrings and ring) for my sister who is having her birthday on May 5th and who is also graduating from grad school with her MBA degree. It was different shopping for jewelry, haven't done it at all before. But was an interesting experience. Never thought things so small could cost so much, while they don't even do anything. An mp3 player the size of a ring and about the same price, now that would be something worth the value. While I was at it, I thought it would be a good idea to buy something for my mom. I hadn't bought anything for her since I started working so I thought this would be a good time. I got her a diamond ring set in white gold and it proved to be very expensive. What the heck. Good thing I don't have a girlfriend or else I would have ended up buying something for her too. I guess she is just missing out :)

(And I am sure none of you ever noticed it, but its the thing I am most proud off on my blog, that little RSS icon on my sidebar. Please do subscribe to it.)


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