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Friday, May 05, 2006

Motor City

So I am in Detroit, drove here all night and wanted to test if I could post a blog from my blackberry by emailing to it. I guess we will find out if its successful or not. I suppose the elitist here would argue that this blog post is not a real blog post. But since some of u complained that I didn't post anything for two days (that's referring to u bugz) so here is some new content to please u all.

Well the drive here was uneventful, I got the wheel at 3 am and then drove till 7:40 am which wasn't a long drive but the timing was bad. Fortunately I didn't fall asleep at the wheel and thanks to my ipod for that which kept me company when everyone else was asleep. I did fall asleep for a few seconds but woke up without any incident. That was enough to frighten any other sign of sleep.

Being here in Michigan I have noticed how popular American cars are here. Its very rare to see a Japanese car. And every few miles there is a car manufacturing plant. It is very obvious to see the vibrance of motor city here. But I haven't been to the city of Detroit yet, I am told its not a safe place to go. I have noticed a big difference in the city and suburb population here, far more intensified then any other city in the US.

Well all of this will be a waste if this email thing doesn't work.

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