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Monday, August 28, 2006


I realized I still hadn't put up any photos of Katie. Here are the ones I took the day I got the car. The rear of the car has changed since then. I got the spoiler attached and also that ugly "Wayne Mazda" sticker is now gone. As well as the temporary registration and license plates which were added later on. I would have put up new pictures with the spoiler but the car is really dirty and it has been raining all week so I haven't had a chance to give her a wash. I will put them up some other time.

Enough is Enough!

I fail to see why more people are not going to see Snakes on a Plane [Trailer]. Tell me one good reason why you shouldn't see this movie? It was one of the most entertaining movies I have seen this year and the poor box office returns does not do justice to it.

This movie was filled with hype from the day of its creation. Interestingly enough, the hype was not studio driven but fan driven. It was the first time that there was so much fan involvement in the making of this movie. Everything from the title of the movie, (and there can never be a better title), to the famous line in this clip was first conceived in the minds of the fans. There were numerous blogs and video created before the movie was released. One of the most famous ones, snakesonablog shows you the dedication people had for this movie. In light of this fan demand, the poor box office numbers don't make any sense at all!

It would have been justified had the final outcome of this very anticipated movie been very bad. But that was not the case! This movie, as I have already said, was very entertaining. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to have some guaranteed enjoyable time during the weekend. The dialogue is superior than most B movies that come out every weekend. The performance by Samuel L. Jackson is much in line with any performance that is to be expected from him. He was given a free reign on his role and he exploited that very well.

The movie has a decent plot. The action is gruesome and makes u cringe but you will still laugh at it. The reason being, the creators did exactly what viewers of such a movie would like. This movie does not take the whole snakes thing as seriously as most other creature movies take themselves. They knew how much fun it could be and unleashed all that they could to make the experience more enjoyable. There is a plethora of characters, brining every kind of your typical passenger on to the plane. Snakes attack every possible anatomical feature and all possible parts of the plane are used as weapons. The movie even though cliche in its very concept is surprisingly not so. I for one would definitely give money to see this movie again. Go see this movie!

Postscript: If my word is not enough, Snakes on a Plane received an IMDB rating of 7.8 which puts it on the top 250 movies of all time!

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Shattered Heart

This is the most painful post I have ever written. The pain is indescribable. It feels like a part of me has been torn away. I never knew that it could hurt me so much. I had never expected this. Especially after just 31 days of falling in love with her. But my beloved Katie has suffered a blow and it has left more than a mark.

I was driving along peacefully on route 80, around 9:30 pm tonight. The traffic was light. There was a Chevy truck in front of me, but I was well behind the car. Suddenly out of nowhere, I hear a very loud clunk. I knew that it could only have been one thing. A rogue rock. Probably even a mere pebble. But traveling at such great speed, and hitting my car at 65 mph, its size didn't matter. I looked around, panicking, trying to see where the damage had been done. Then I saw my worst fear confirmed. There was a mark on the upper right corner of the windshield. It felt like the rock had hit my heart, instead of the glass. I was praying that it was just a big bug which had splattered against the windshield, but I knew the noise it made was much more louder. But there was no way of knowing for sure until I got home and looked at the car under proper lighting.

Katie's windshield is shattered. And so is my heart! Today, it became a full month since I got her. The crack is circular, about the size of a dime, it can surely be fixed, or even the windshield can be replaced. I don't care about the cost, its just that, she was so new! When I first got her, I had promised to my self, that I would take care of her. But there was no way I could have known, let alone avoided what happened. I was helpless. And now I am heartbroken.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Passing the Test!

Everyone who has ever been to school would know the joy that people feel when they pass a test which they expected to fail. This is one such story.

It was 5:25 PM, and I left work in a hurry. I had discovered that the testing facility would be open till 7 PM that day, and I wanted to get there in time for the test to complete. I knew that I was ill prepared for it, there were a few things I was sure would never pass, and still others I had doubts over. But nevertheless I decided to go, more or less just to see what things needed to be worked on and have an idea where I stand.

So I drove home, it was necessary that I take the old Chevy Lumina there. I don't really like driving the Lumina anymore. Part of it is because of the driving experience, I find the steering wheel too big, and the car makes much wider turns then the nifty RX8. Its kind of like what a normal person would feel like walking around in a obese body suit. You have to be more careful how you walk, and don't bump into things accidently. The RX8 is just more fun to drive.

The other reason why I don't like driving the Lumina, or any other car as a matter of fact, is because of the look people give me when I drive the RX8. People love looking at it, and for a change, those nice joggers around the lake, are checking me out, instead of the other way round, (well, if not me, then my car certainly). Every where I go, people ask me what car this is. Yesterday, I was turning at an intersection when a couple of girls standing on the corner screamed out, "I like your car!" On Saturday, when we were stuck in traffic at the Lincoln Tunnel for nearly an hour, people were looking at us, some with admiration, others with envy. But these things certainly enhance the driving experience, and its easy to notice the lack of attention you get for driving any other car. Hopefully someday I will drive around in a Ferrari.

Anyway, back to the story, I took the Lumina to the testing facility. I was more nervous then I should have been, afterall, I wasn't the one taking this test. We arrived at the vehicle inspection station and stood in line for a few minutes, then I got out of my car, and watched from a distance as the inspector did his job. I was certain the tyres did not have enough tread on it and I would fail the safety inspection. I also thought that I could fail the suspensions test, I had always believed that the noise I heard while driving was because of the suspensions. And finally, the emissions test. I was very apprehensive about it, the car is more than 11 years old now, and I keep on getting this "Service Engine Soon" light from time to time. I thought it would certainly fail the emissions test.

As the inspector did the final things I was overjoyed to see that he started removing the old inspection sticker, this could only mean that I passed. It could only be by a miracle. I had never been so happy when I had passed any exams I had taken myself! It is always the little things, the most unexpected, that bring the most joy to life.